The Orchestra

neues konzertorchester berlin - Konzerthaus Berlin

© Thomas Hering

The neue konzertorchester berlin was founded in 2009 and works project-oriented.

It sees itself as a counterpart to the neuen barockorchester berlin

Its repertoire includes symphonic music and oratorio works from the 18th to the 20th century with authentic modern performance practice.

Collaboration with composers living today is also an important concern for the neue konzert orchester berlin. Thus, the orchestra is working on the Berlin premiere of the Requiem by contemporary composer Michael Renhart.

The neue konzertorchester berlin regularly performs in concert halls in Berlin and other venues in Germany.

The neue konzertorchester berlin is under the direction of violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz

In addition to their work in the orchestra, the members also perform in chamber music formations, both in Germany and abroad. Just recently, a concert tour took the artists to Brazil.

The neue konzertorchester berlin impresses with its lively, gripping interpretations and its stylistic diversity and joy of discovery.